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This essay examines how ethical principles can be used to address organizational issues. It also address the role that external interpersonal pressures have got in affecting organizational values, how problems are strongly related organizational and private decisions, and the relationship between legal and ethical concerns as proven in the film. The reason Freedom Mutual began The Responsibility Job was as it stated, " to explore what it means to do the right thing”. The film viewed was Moving on a Fantasy. ( Though this film did not specifically deal with a company, I chose this one because the honest principles genuinely moved me personally. Dancing on the Dream is around Michaela DePrince, an orphan from Serrania Leone that tells what her existence was like prior to coming to the usa and fulfilling her dream as a ballerina. In 1997, there was a civil battle in Macizo Leone. Michaela's dad was killed by rebels. Her mom did not know what to complete. She offered Michaela all the food, and as a result, her mother starved to death. Eileen became a great orphan at 3. At the orphanage, each of the children were ranked by favorite. From numbers 1-27. Michael was number 28. So the lady was often last to get any food or toys. Michael jordan also acquired She experienced Vitiligo. The orphanage workers did not understand what it was. They will call her the devil's child. One day, Michael saw a dancer on the cover of the magazine. This kind of picture surprised her a whole lot; she aspired to become a ballerina. Finally, Michaela got used. She was adopted along with her best friend Mia who was amount 26. That was perfect. This by no means usually occurs but in some manner it performed for them. Michaela does not find out where she'd be had she by no means been adopted. She is now a principal dancer with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. She right now feels obligated to tell her story. More than 300, 1000 children in the world are orphans. (Liberty Shared, Dancing over a Dream, 2013). Over...

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