The eLEAP Genome

Exec Summary

The eLEAP GenomeTM

by Datuk Razali Mahfar

" Remarkable Leadership and gratification Genomics – The Planet's Best Kept Magic formula Decoded" The eLEAPTM Genome is premised on the best kept secret of the number one business in the world, wherever its primary competitive benefit has been grounded on a proprietary methodology pertaining to identifying command and performance potential of individuals ahead of employment. Numerous Malaysians discovered with high potentials by recruitment level and provided top leadership positions in Malaysia and also other parts of the earth have proven their capabilities and noted illustrious careers. Since the popularisation of the Superb Man theory in 1840s by Jones Carlyle plus the counter-thesis by simply Herbert Spencer in 1860, they have been many surveys and publications in the last one hundred years on the issue – ‘Are great leaders born, carefully bred or equally? '. Newest surveys by the Center pertaining to Creative Leadership in 2012 and Professor J Barling in 2014, while have explain on the sights of the 361 global and 400 Canadian top management respectively, have not offered a robust structure for operationalisation of leadership and performance potential assessment. David McClelland's 60 Occupation Competency concept which usually focused on traits and motive propositions utilized to consistently differentiate outstanding from typical performance in a presented role, and 1973 seminal paper eligible ‘Testing pertaining to Competence Rather than for Intelligence', have created dunes of interest to better understand the romance between management, competency and gratification. Again, while there have been numerous researches, most of them have got centred in seeking for scientific evidences to match theoretical conceptual frameworks in the researchers. Almost no work, unfortunately, has been completed understand tested processes and identify grounded theories through in-depth cross-sectional and long term longitudinal case studies of...