The Disasters of War

The Horrors of Battle

R C Sherriff, the author of ‘Journey's End' was himself an officer inside the East Surrey Regiment. His play is based upon his real-life encounters during the war, mirroring just how he and his comrades resided and struggled and in a way re-living a number of the war's excellent atmosphere of constant fear and incidents. Some very good, positive characters and a touch of laughter make this enjoy successfully remarkable.

In 1913, The european countries was completely outclassed by two power blocks. The Triple Alliance contains Germany, Luxembourg and Italy and in the Triple Ensemble were Britain, France and Russia. The event which sparked off Community War One was the war was the murder of the inheritor to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Bosnia. As Austria declared war on Serbia, The ussr got it is armies collectively to support Serbia. Germany, assisting Austria, then simply declared battle with Russia and France.

When The united kingdom declared war on Germany that kicks off in august 1914, the mood in Britain was one of heroic optimism. Many, young and possibly under aged, men responded to the government to enlist inside the army. However , far from all of it ending quickly, World Conflict One survived four bitter years. The effects were tragic. By the end of 1918, an incredible number of casualties were dug into trenches in France upon either part of no-man's land.

‘Journey's End' was set in 1918, when the German born army was preparing for a huge attack up against the allies again. Preparations to get, and discourse on, an harm form the spine of the perform. Stanhope, the best of the group, may be the hero figure. He is an individual the audience can easily empathize with until the book unfolds an ugly real truth about him. Life in the front line got affected him, as his only way to cope with it truly is with alcohol. This reveals a clear picture of how demanding the warfare can get as well as ways in which you can help yourself. It is not a rare occasion in which a young man, having a lot in the mind uses alcohol to ease stress.

Early in the perform he fantastic...