Testosterone Insufficiency: Hypogonadism


Hypogonadism (Testosterone Deficiency)

In men, hypogonadism is a condition in which the copie produce a below normal volume of testosterone, the male hormone. When too little testosterone exists, men are likely to undergo a drop in sexual desire and performance. They may as well experience depression, fatigue, lack of motivation and osteoporosis. The size and durability of their muscle groups may diminish and their hair may become sparse. These symptoms are not certain to testo-sterone deficiency, yet , some males with hypogonadism often may recognize that there is a medical difficulty that is curable. Copyright В© 1999-2000 Life expectancy all privileges reserved.

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Androgenic hormone or testosterone

LifeSpan offers the two injectable testo-sterone (testosterone cypionate) and androgenic hormone or testosterone cream. Whilst both forms of testosterone have proven rewards in hormone replacement therapy, each provides distinct positive aspects.

The transdermal delivery approach to the real micronized testosterone cream supplies a noninvasive technique of application in addition to a more constant level of testo-sterone absorption. The cream can be applied two times daily, each day and before bedtime. We recommend that you use the testosterone cream for ten consecutive several weeks, then have two weeks off. During the a couple weeks off time period, we suggest that you administer HCG remedy (see below). It is recommended that you follow this kind of cycle through the entire duration of the prescription.

You are going to receive a two hundred mg/60 gram tube of testosterone transdermal cream which will last approximately four weeks. Your prescription will probably be valid for six months; however , because testosterone is a " controlled substance", you may only receive a a month supply of testo-sterone at one time.

For many people, testosterone replacement unit therapy by way of injection offers the quickest and a lot dramatic brings about optimizing hormonal levels. We provide androgenic hormone or testosterone cypionate in 200 mg/4ml vials. The most common...