Students' Behavior at School

 Essay about Students’ Habit at College

п»їIn the past few years, many countries schools have faced serious problems with students' behavior. For example, some of the students often enjoy truant in school. Instead of going to school, they are going to prefer gonna internet cafe, plaza or cinema to hang out with the friends. One more example is the fact students go to school designed for studying, nevertheless for bullying various other students. There are two main reasons why students are behaving like this. First, the lack attention of fogeys that is essential for children. Nowadays, most parents work the whole day, which bring about them certainly not paying very much attention so that their children did at institution. This will trigger their children to accomplish such deviated thing at school since they think that their parents will not care about things that they can do in school. Second, the children are being as well spoilt by their parents. A few parents, due to having only one child, will spoil the youngster. They do not know that this will cause the child to perform bullying points at school. That child will have a thought that anything he does is right because his father and mother never warn him for what he does even if he could be wrong. Because the solution to problems, father and mother should look closely at their children, but in reality should not spoil them excessive. Parents need to care what their children perform, warn these people if they are wrong and instruct them the excellent way to do a specific thing. On the other hand, teachers also be involved in building students' habit. Teachers need to be touching their students so that they can know the students' problem and give advice to their problem. Parents and teachers must work together because the enjoy a significant part in building children's tendencies.

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