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Phase 14: Character

Psychodynamic Theory

Be familiar with how a Id, Spirit, & Superego are believed to keep stability. Know what guidelines each operate under and why they frequently have issues Id- the unconscious percentage of personality which contains basic impulses and tendencies. Here in the id is available the eros, life instincts(these promote positive energy or perhaps libido), and also the death instincts, or Thantos responsible for aggression and self destruction. The identification wants to function by the pleasure principle, so do whatever for pleasure against societal guidelines. Fatty heading ID to the burger king.

Ego- fault the individuality that mediates conflicts between and among the list of demands in the d, the superego, as well as the real world. Evolves from identity and acts as the reality rule makes short-cuts between the wishes and affordable capabilities. That one finds a way for people to get what they want in the real life.

Superego- the component of personality that explains to people the actual should and really should not perform. This is what grows last and becomes our moral guideline. Tells us what we should and should certainly not do.

Psychodynamic conflicts: this can be the conflict between your three personality components. Each of our personality should really be molded by the number, nature and outcome of such conflicts. Thus ego is going to block the guilt that we would think from making socially unsatisfactory action as a result of Id, or perhaps thought about violating superego's rules.

Be able to distinguish and give types of Freud's defense mechanisms Repression- unconsciously pushing apart bad remembrances, urges, or ideas from conscious recognition. Ex. A person loses memory via bad event. Shutter area Rationalization-making blunders seem affordable. Ex. My spouse and i spank my personal children cause its great for them. But actually you are just actually mad regarding work. Projection- unconsciously positioning one possesses unacceptable ideas on someone else. Ex lover. Instead of considering I hate him anyone states " he cannot stand me” Reaction formation- guarding from awful impulses by acting reverse to all of them. Ex. Intimate interest in hitched coworker may come out since dislike. The meaner somebody is to the more that they like you. Sublimation- expressing unsatisfactory urges in symbolic socially acceptable activities. EX. A sexual or aggressive desire might appear as creative creativity or athletic brilliance. Displacement- deflecting impulse coming from original focus on to fewer threatening 1. Ex. Anger at a boss might come out as hostility towards a attendant. Denial- just discounting the presence of threatening urges. Ex- a person may well completely refuse having virtually any physical fascination to a person of the same sexual intercourse. Compensation- striving o replace unconscious urges of concerns. Ex- an enterprise exec. Severe competitiveness could be aimed at compensating for subconscious feeling of inferiority.

Know freud's stages of development plus the consequences to become " fixated” on one of these stages Oral stage-first stage in, that this mouth may be the center of enjoyment and issue. Birth to age two

By turning into fixated at this point due to early or past due weaning, the individual might become an overeater, or childlike dependence (late weaning) towards the use of " biting” sarcasm (early weaning). Anal stage-ego develops emphasis shifts by mouth to anus. As well as the kid will try to compe with parental demands pertaining to socially suitable behavior. Age 2 to 3

If the kid gets harsh treatment when becoming poop educated then because adults they may probably be very neat. In the event training is too lax after that as adults they might be disorganized or impulsive(expelling feces symbolically) Phallic Stage-conflict shifts to genital place, where young man want to please mother and eliminate father. Age range 3-5

Boys- Oedipal complex-superego based off father. Superego of men begins to develope Girls- Electra complex-superego primarily based off mother jealous of boy, penile envy, and Unresolved clashes can lead to difficulties in dealing with power, and lack of ability to...

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