Prom like a Rite of Passage

Cody Guilday

English one zero five

Prof. Wheat


The Senior Promenade: A Rite of Passage

The United States is known throughout the world as a place in which will there are many cultures and traditions mixing and colliding. The one thing that each lifestyle has in abundance is rituals of passing, whether it is Births, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinces, or graduation. Each right of passage is usually an event that signifies a transition within a person's existence. Senior Promenade is a rite of passage for teenagers and women that is certainly indicative with their transition via teenagers to young adults. It truly is meant to be a celebration in the high school knowledge; the last hurrah. A gathering of close friends who have spent four numerous years of their age of puberty together, figuring out who they are while persons. The key reason why Prom is becoming such a rite of passage as opposed to just another boogie, comes from the notion that it is an event that cannot be missed. Once referring to the high school experience, prom and graduation are definitely the two incidents that are mostly brought up. They are universal to all graduated college students, yet exclusive to each individual. The personality of the individual as being a part of their particular graduating class is why the prom is so important. Although prom is intended to be an all-inclusive experience, the case has become factionalized due to materialism, social status, and readiness to engage in consumption of alcohol.

The very fact that promenade has become commercialized is creating some to be excluded by certain areas of the promenade and sometimes from the entire promenade event. The prom celebration is supposed to consist of everyone inside the graduating course. But the elevated prices and concentration on the fabric aspect is definitely leaving out those who are struggling to afford it. In Ann Anderson's High School Prom: Promoting, Morals, and the American Teenager, she take into account prom mags and other promoters like 17 as the reason behind commercialism in proms (119). She also states that the normal amount spent for prom per...

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