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Classic Company Across Some Space ——the case research of famous brands L'Oreal Paris Cai Conglie one particular, Zong Xujuan 1



we'll to find out the real purpose of its success through the research of famous brands L'Oreal Paris. Through the unique approach, sword directed extraordinary placement, with the particular approach, work with science and technology to develop high-end goods, of L'Oreal Paris to analyze its item and its style positioning. At the same time the theory of " people-oriented” is always insisted upon during the product development. With the humanization idea and pursuit of natural beauty, it's research and development of green products pertaining to desire of consumers. Furthermore, due to surprise assault L'Oreal Paris, france is good by grasping the " organization management” in the varied industry. Not only obtained a huge industrial interests but also achieve success in China which is the world's largest potential industry depend on their unusual marketing strategy. They are the fundamental explanations why L'Oreal can become a classic brand around space and time.

up and lows in today's world with the fast development. Furthermore, people will not likely surprised if the company founded then close-down soon, which was not a uncommon event possibly very common in today's society. In comparison with that, L'Oreal Paris beyond hundred years and space, which attracted people's attention, additionally the most significant is the fact many individuals have an interest in the manner how L'Oreal could get achievement and want to analyze its positive aspects in approach. It is play an important position in both equally theory and practice to examine the brand L'Oreal Paris grad from brand designing, company building, manufacturer development to brand specific, brand goal and company management.

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Sword Stage Extraordinary Position—high-end products

It's so-called blade pointing remarkable position

because in Chinese language Kungfu the master conquered the opponent use a method that not level the blade direct toward the challenger but point an extraordinary situation. Similarly within an enterprise as well as the business jogging, the blade means the entrepreneur's unique idea, business development and product location. It's very well to known that the organization will develop well if it contains a suitable organization position, On the contrary, the venture will be eradicated because it you don't have the right position. For instance Mr. Eugene shueller, the French businessman, who is a master regarded the method, blade pointing extraordinary position, business lead him to a successful gentleman in industrial circles. As he has a one of a kind experience that he was a chemist that will never forget the hardships during chemical trials and to promote the hair color (be thought to be the initially environment-friendly curly hair dyes in the world) was invented by himself door-to-door, he conscious of the importance of the brand. First of all, therefore , this individual originated M Aureole the first manufacturer in his life means " Halo”, which can be very important because L'Oreal Rome is 3CA 2010

1 ) Introduction

Undoubtedly the brand L'Oreal Paris contains a huge charm that very renowned and good reputation all around the world. It has been overcoming the consumer and making people faithfully. Due to its merchandise quality which had provided those wonderful memories to consumers plus the power of vintage brand which usually had won people's great admiration, through hundred years L'Oreal Paris, among the global five-hundred companies, is promoting people's standard of living and life-style. We simply cannot ignore the fact that a company can easily stand stably with the community economy affect in one one hundred year would be called a legend. It truly is widely thought enterprises working always 30 years up and downs, even so we can in terms of to say businesses three years

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