children need to play not be competitive

Amine Veta


" Children Need to Perform, Not Compete”

Sports generally speaking are a way to obtain fun and a means for kids to get more active. Especially in this generation where technology took over our brains. There are many types of sporting activities programs, and each one is directed to specific organizations, and all this depends on the physic and the qualifications of the player, some sports are dangerous and demanding for some persons, but other folks are a great match.

Competitive Sporting activities like basketball and hockey or Lacrosse are often very risky upon children and even adults, also because the rules in the game are exactly the same, and the same game programs and actions are used in both neighborhood games and in many cases nationals, that makes the video game more competitive than friendly, which typically results in key physical and psychological traumas. Statsky stated in her content " Remarkably organized competitive sports just like Peewee Sports and Tiny League Snowboarding are too frequently played to adult criteria, which are early childhood inappropriate for the children and can be equally physically and psychologically damaging ". Via my own connection with playing Lacrosse in freshman high school, My spouse and i developed even more cons than pros, that has been the opposite of I thought of sports. Within my first time I was a beginner that wanted to learn more, and in my mind I discovered that the game titles wouldn't always be advanced, but I got surprised of how vicious the different team enjoyed, and this resulted in many major accidents that made the game much less exciting and more freighting. Winning became a goal that everyone wanted to reach no matter what the effects. And people and instructors play a big role upon controlling the brain of the players and forcing them to possibly injure others in order to earn, and that dropping is embarrassing, like what Statsky said " mainly because they highlight competition and winning, that they unfortunately give occasions for some parents and coaches to set their own dreams and needs in front of children's welfare”....