9 Science Atoms And Molecules Test 01


SCHOOL - IX Science (Atoms and Molecules)

1 .

Atomic radius is usually measured in nanometers and

(a) 1nm = 10-10m

(b) 1m = 10-10nm

(c) 1m = 10-9nm

(d) 1nm = 10-9m

2 .

Symbol of Iron is: - (a) Ir

(b) We


Atomicity of chlorine and Argon is

(c) Fe


(d) None of these



(a) Diatomic and Monoatomic

(b) Monoatomic and Diatomic

(c) Monoatomic and Monoatomic

(d) Diatomic and Diatomic


Molecular mass of normal water ( They would 2O ) is (a) 18g


State regulation of preservation of Mass?



Define Valency? Find the Valency of oxygen and Aluminum.



Determine the molar mass of Na2SO4 and CaCO3?



Write the chemical solution for


(b) 8g

(c) 33g

(d) 34g


a) Calcium Phosphate b) Magnesium (mg) Hydroxide c) Aluminum chloride. 9.

Condition the Postulates of Dalton Theory?



Get the percentage of water of crystallization in feSO4. 7H2O.



2 . 42g of copper gave 3. 025g of the black oxide of birdwatcher, 6. 49g of a dark-colored oxide, on


lowering with hydrogen, gave your five. 192g of copper. Show that these statistics are according to law of constant percentage?


A compound was found to achieve the following percentage composition by mass Zn = 22. 65%, S = 10. 15%, L = 4. 88%, U = sixty one. 32%. The relative molecular mass can be 287g/mol. Discover the molecular formula of the compound, let's assume that all the hydrogen in the mixture is present in water of crystallizations.

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