Satellite television Radio

College of Business Administration

Managing Analysis and Communications-MIBA 705

Winter Term, 2012-2013

Individual Case Study (3)

Satellite Radio: A New Product Hits the environment Waves

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Doctor Farouk Saleh


Farzaneh Aliabadi 20101030

Date: March sixth, 2013

1- Should you consider Sirius`s and XM`s product line to get their providing of stations, what tactics might marketers use to build a line extension? What strategies might each uses to broaden the product mixture?

There are 4 different motivations to way the product line advancement. These several are Wish to grow, Boosting the company`s market location, Optimal usage of company resources and Exploiting the product lifecycle, which alone is possible through different ways. Thinking about the first encouraging aspect which can be the desire to develop, the equally companies' entrepreneurs believe that satellite television radio demand will increase in close future all over the world. That`s the reason they want to carry out market penetration as the first entered companies can take the lead and protected their location at least for couple of beginning years, before the competitors entry in the market. The various other way to create the line extension is to lengthen their companies and support life cycle. As both of these competition provide different genres of radio courses with 95 commercial cost-free radio programs, so their very own product line is already expanded. Additionally they can offer the CNN, BASSE CONSOMMATION, MTV and many other well-known the airwaves and TELEVISION SET stations in order to expand their channels. They will also extend their support life cycle through adding new users in a variety of ways including allocating some channels pertaining to athletes and sport to be able to acquire individuals targeted industry or some kids programs for persuading father and mother to purchase the packages because of their kids while they are driving them to school or kindergarten. As well they can have some channels mainly for radio competition and rendering gifts as well as cooking programs for regular folks. One of the...