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The block Telaga Said-Darat, located in southwestern of North Sumatra Basin, is the oldest oilfield in Dalam negri, with total area of ​​82 km2. It had been firstly discovered in 1883, with all the development history of fifty years. Oil and gas query and development mainly is determined by surface geological surveys. In the absence of any modern seismic exploration and logging methods, oil and gas structural traps were found in the field and produced with outmoded drilling and essential oil extraction technology. The cumulative oil creation of obstructs Telaga Stated and Daratan reached 2335 million barrels before desertion as the outbreak of war in 1937. Alpha Until sixties and 1990s, the Indonesian National Petrol Company (hereinafter referred to as Pertamina) and Mobil Oil Organization jointly drilled two profound exploration water wells; from yr 1977 to 1995, Pertamina has accomplished 2D seismic exploration and research, drilled four deep exploration bore holes, through which they will basically figured out sedimentary attributes and stratigraphic features of the field, learned Baong formation and its actual strata with favorable reservoirs, during which period no systemetic re-exporation and development was conducted. During 2002-2012, company made extra development of Situ Said Darat oilfield. 13 development bore holes were drilled, among which in turn 9 had been put into creation as oil well, using a total oil production of nearly forty thousand barrels, and re exploited 12 old wells abandoned in 1937 with 18 1, 000 barrels of crude oil development. There were totally over 54.99 thousand barrels of crude oil produced from recently drilled creation wells and recovery water wells. 130 numerous years of oil and gas discoveries, more than 50 years of early development, over 60 years of intermittent pursuit, and ten years of supplementary recovery, every show that people have wonderful expectation of new breakthroughs and new discoveries in this field.

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1 . Study Basis

All the information and data acquired during the process in the field query and advancement in previous 130 years are the only basis to find out this field and examine it by simply modern technology, and what's more, it's the origin of confidence about re-understanding, re-evaluation and re-determination of supplementary development around the field. In the early period of Oil obstructs selection and evaluation, 3 aspects of this field have already been noticed the following: (1)Before being abandoned in 1937, counting on simple fundamental information while surface geological survey and hydrocarbon seapage, BPM corporations conducted 5 decades of going and development work, drilling 176 bore holes in Telaga Said oilfield, among which146 are oil wells, accounting for 83%; 247 wells were dilled in Daratan oilfield, and 161 had been oil bore holes, accounting pertaining to 65%. Coming from amount and success rate of BPM drilling wells, it is usually seen which the drilling success rate was high, indicating that the oil and gas reservoir-cap system is entirely preserved. (2)Pertamina and Mobil drilled two exploration profound wells, Telaga A1 and Telaga B1 in 1970, and 1977, 1978, 1980, 95, four exploration wells, TST-1, DUR-1, TSL-1 and PTHI-8 were drilled by Pertamina. According to 2D seismic data via 1973, mid 1970s, 1975, 78, there are just a small number of seismic lines, a great deal of 2D digital seismic had been intensively collected in year 1985 and 1990, meaning only PTHI-8 well is definitely the exploration very well drilled following mass of 2D digital seismic; coming from analysis of seismic collection and going time, it can be thought that only PTHI-8 bore holes used the 2D digital seismic data, which was one among only two oil water wells during this period (another well can be Telaga B1). (3)During 2006-2009, 13 creation wells were drilled in TSD, among which on the lookout for were put in production while oil water wells, with going success rate of about 70 percent, while in the result of about some million barrels of crude oil, well ED-181A was moving in production and the yield accounted for fifty percent, indicating...